6 tips on how to pack light for your next trip like a pro

We know how it feels when you plan a week long trip and then can’t seem to figure out what you need and don’t need.

You end up with two overloaded suitcases and a carry-on, and half your trip is spent lugging around all this excess baggage.

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Well, its tough, especially if you have your mom helping you pack extra sweaters to protect you from the flu, but it is possible to consciously pack light if you keep a few things in mind.

Let’s discuss.

1) Invest in a good bag

For a short trip the most you’ll need is a decent bag; we’re thinking the likes of a small trolley case.

We got ours from Companion because a) they’ve got great deals going on most of the time, and b) they’ve got amazing after-sales service!

Robur and Gurando are our absolute favourites.

2) Prioritise your gadgets

Think if you’ll really be needing your DSLR and your laptop, and all those annoying cables that come with these things?

Decide the purpose of your trip and pack accordingly; if you’re traveling solo, its best to ditch the camera (phone-cam selfies for the win!) or if its a business trip, your laptop is all you may need.

Re-evaluate plans for the trip once you sit down to pack. Remember, you can only be so spontaneous.

3) Get multipurpose products

We now have shirts that can be worn three ways or a makeup product that can be used for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Even your bag might have more uses than one. Such goodies make it easier to pack less as less literally ends up being more!

4) Carry all the minis

You have to carry travel-sized liquid products in your carry-on anyway, but why not do that for your check-in luggage too? Calm down the urge to carry that huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner, AND leave-in serum.

We discussed here how big a help liquid carrier pouchersare.

5) What can you get there?

Think about the essentials you need. See if you can make do with what your hotel supplies.

Or may be there are items you can get there for better prices (and quality) than here. What’s a vacation without some shopping anyway, right?

Remember, you might have to get a few gifts for your loved ones (and yourself, duh!) from your trip. Best to have some space there!

6) Invest in a good digital scale

We’re looking straight at frequent travelers, obvio!

Become a pro at packing by investing in a good digital scale, just to avoid last minute unpacking at the airport.

Digital scales are priced at around 2k in Companion stores and hold upto 3 years worth of warranty.

Happy travelling light!

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