Incoherent EYEWEAR

While on vacation in the late spring of 2012, Marco Lanero, originator of Delirious, meandered the avenues of Cadore searching for a little atelier where he could have a couple of altered shades made. Incoherent is a brand that endeavors to separate itself from the remainder of the eyewear business. It needs to achieve this in each angle; plan, material, and assembling; our definitive objective is to make a stand-out endeavor through unique items. Insane needs to change standard design proclamations and dreams of a world in which the significance of a name is discarded perpetually, a reality where refined craftsmanship and the best materials consolidate impeccably with the virtue of structure.

Ridiculous uses a wide assortment of materials to create its shades, from characteristic based acetic acid derivation to progressively refined materials, for example, Indian water wild ox horn, Japanese titanium and Beta-titanium. We have directed long investigations of the utilization, production, and sturdiness of materials before choosing them. These characteristics are the establishment of our creation.

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