Top 4 Fashion Designers in Pakistan.

Mark Twain once said “Clothes make a man. A naked man has little or no effect on society”. Every professional fashion designer knows that fashion is a language for one to interpret the other and so that person must look representable. Pakistan is one of the countries where the fashion industry is growing very rapidly and so we are producing a lot of well renound fashion designer’s, 5 of which will be mentioned in this list.  Many of the top fashion designer’s in Pakistan are not only national. They rank out internationally in America, Dubai, India, Italy, Malaysia and so on. So here we are bringing you with a list f the top five fashion designer’s in Pakistan.

1-Hassan Shahrayar Yasir-HSY

Mr. Hassan has a very huge name in the fashion industry. He resides in Lahore, Pakistan. He started as a fashion choreographer and had been working in fashion and styling since 1994. HSY is at the top of the best Pakistani Fashion Designers. Nowadays HSY outlets are successful and running around the world.

2-Asim Jofa.

Another famous Fashion designer is Asim Jofa. He started his career by taking the legacy of his parents as a jewelry designer for about 12 years. He achieved great acclaim for his bridal, party wear, summer, winter, pret collections. He was also awarded by the IAFA-International Asian Fashion Awards in 2012. His signature pret line is prized Internationally.

3-Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is not only a well known designer but also an actor at the same time. He started designing luxury dresses in the beginning and had a huge success. He also participated in several international and national fashion shows. He is in the top 10 best fashion designers in Pakistan.

4-Fahad Hussain

He was born in Faisalabad and started his career from home designing his own family’s clothes. He makes traditional and modern clothes based on simple cuts. He is specialized in bridal wear and he tries to depict art with his clothing designs.


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