What’s Up Down Under? A Report From Fashion Week in Sydney

It takes around 24 hours to get to Sydney, Australia from New York. In that timeframe your psyche can truly wind. Leaving for my third round of Sydney Fashion Week, I preloaded the Vogue electronic account to get in the aura and spent the remainder of those in-flight hours thinking about what I may see Down Under. In advance, a tremendous bit of the week had been depicted by dueling fixations: On the one hand were the coordinators who supported a crazy comprehension of rich flou to the dismissal of everything else; on the other were those inquiring about smooth, compositional shapes.
Through that perspective, something of a rotate. The most grounded get-togethers surrendered spent things of any sort for a downplayed straightforwardness. By repositioning the official runway appears in 2016 to concur with the Resort totals the world over, the city at long last appears to have discovered its beat in sun-kissed swimwear and unfussy withdraws that could take a lady from Bondi’s shorelines to Syndey’s Central Business District and back once more. That is an astute change; still, all that straightforwardness could utilize a little edge, no? Everything considered, the Aussie scene remains to some degree unaffected by the world’s present obsessions with streetwear, perplexity, and style that pushes the cutoff purposes of honorable taste.

Here, a firsthand recap of the highs, lows, and sights from Sydney.

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