Basic hair care: data and advice

Our hair can be radiant even though we subject it to frequent washing, coloring, permanent curling, smoothing and so on. Add to all this the warm air of the dryer. Luckily the hair is very resistant! Although if we submit it to these processes, it needs more affection. We share our best hair care tips with you and help you protect and keep your hair beautiful.

The best beauty tips for your hair

Strong and resistant hair: 7 tricks to get the best results

The amounts of hair care products

Care for all hair types

Each hair has its own characteristics. With minimal effort, you can easily learn to get the best face out of your hair. Even if you suffer some worldly problem, there are methods tested to deal with them. Some examples would be hair without life, without volume or split ends. Proper care and the right products will quickly restore the shine and vitality of your hair.

Make sure you focus on the special characteristics of your own hair. Long hair needs a little more attention than short hair. The dryness, as a result of an abusive use of the dryer, and the split ends usually appear especially in the long hair. The magic formula for long hair: do not crush the hair too much from the root zone and give lots of pampering to the tips. This formula guarantees a large volume and protects against split ends.

With these simple tricks, turning damaged hair into a mane as smooth as silk is more than easy!

More about care for all types of hair

Long hair: Always spectacular!

It attracts all eyes with soft and shiny curls

Enhance the shine of your hair

Hair loss is a problem for many women but hiding hair under a hat is not the only solution. Proper care can help you restore your beauty.

The most common cause of a dull hair is the abuse of elements such as the iron, the dryer and other styling tools that can damage the hair.
Apart from using the right products and methods of care, it is always a good idea to avoid using processes and tools that punish hair.


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