Eyeliners I Swear Are 100 Percent Smudge-Proof

Here’s a short rundown of things I abhor: 1. smeared eyeliner. Indeed, that is my whole rundown, on the grounds that (nearly) nothing baffles me more than seeing my carefully connected eyeliner dissolve underneath my lashes or leave a stamp of dark over my tops by early afternoon.

Also, on the off chance that you realize the imprints aren’t from your awful mascara (have a go at wearing your mascara sans eyeliner one day to ensure), and you’ve officially attempted this full-evidence trap that shields eyeliner from sliding, at that point you, old buddy, have an awful item. Fortunately, I’ve tried for all intents and purposes each liner in presence and have accumulated a conclusive rundown of the best gel equations that stay put throughout the day. Locate your new top choice, ahead.

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