First aid for a bad day

Feed days in which no hair is in place. Wear a hat all day? You could do it, but you do not have to. Here are the best tricks and tips to save a “messy hair day”

Did you go to bed last night with wet hair? You can get up well or you can end up in a “messy hair day”. This and other scenarios can lead your hair to resist behaving well. We’ve all been through that. Here we leave you some tips and tricks to turn a bad day into a good one.

This is a classic solution, but we do not get tired of saying it: if you get up with oily hair but do not have time to wash it, you can save the day by using dry shampoo. Simply pulverize it at your roots, massage it with your fingers and brush it. Additional side effect: Gliss Dry Shampoo creates volume, so it’s also your savior when your hair is a little bit messy.

Curling alarm? No feed problem. This trick works in any place and time in just a few seconds: put some lacquer on your brush and brush your hair. Voilà! Your hair is already under control. The only drawback is that it only works with straight hair.Do you have natural curls and have not been defined? A shower hostile to frizz applied from ends to ends can help you. You can try Gliss Long and Sublime Anti-Frizz Combination Cream.

Only by going to the hairdresser can you fix the split ends. But for a short-term solution and for additional care between visits to the hairdresser, a nourishing oil to treat the tips can help. We recommend Gliss Oil Elixir Daily or Gliss Ultimate Repair Tips Treatment.

Also perfect for bad days: a semi-bun. That is, a bun with only the prevalent half of the hair, perfect for mastering the bangs that are not freshly washed. As an alternative, you can comb your bangs to the side with hairpins. The result? A look for each day with style.


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