After an often busy holiday period, the tired body needs a small thumb overthrow to recover and eliminate toxins. Visit of horizon good reflexes to adopt for the sportsmen (ves) that you are!

Reflex # 1: adapt your sustenance

During a fix detox, fasting is not recommended, especially if it is not framed standard a health professional. It is rather advocated a light diet by favoring certain foods and eliminating others. This one should not last too long, under penalty of causing deficiencies and a muscular degradation. Choose a detox set of one week, which you can reproduce 3 to 4 times a standard, every change of standard season example. For that :

Remember to drink regularly and vary the sources of hydration: an organic product juice with lukewarm water in the morning, vegetable juices, plant implants.

Eat little and light, overuse filaments, present mostly in natural products and vegetables and avoid cooking with fat.

Avoid meat and cold cuts, sugars and sweets, alcohol, bistro, all that is refined (wheat flour, pasta). All these foods bring a lot of acidosis.

Choose organic products that are ripe and in season (grapefruit, orange, lemon …) but also whole grains (quinoa, buckwheat, oats) and draining vegetables (onions, leeks, brussels sprouts)

Reflex # 2: Be kind to your body

After the holidays, it is important not to solicit your body too much. You must ban all lactic acid creation, so do not perform intense activities that would promote acidosis in the body. Your goal is to return to a PH in addition to neutral. With training too yearns or too long, you will get the reverse effect and you will not help your body eliminate accumulated toxins. The endeavors you will perform should not be too harsh or violent, that is, you should prioritize sessions in addition to short, regular and dynamic perseverance (standard example 5 sessions of 30 minutes in the week).

Reflex # 3: Perform moderate cardio-respiratory work

During a detox program, it is interesting to focus on practices such as yoga but also activities such as cardio preparation: exercise bike, carpet race or sports walk. To help your body find balance, you need to connect your training program for about a month. Our advice: perform moderate cardiorespiratory work, this means that you will have to exercise while feeling a slight breathlessness, but not in addition to (= perseverance dynamic). If your goal is to lose weight, in this case the ideal is to perform your fasting workouts in the morning while focusing on this moderate work: it will draw directly into the available energy substrates is to desperate the fat mass ( lipids, carbohydrates) and atmosphere a positive effect on lowering cholesterol. Also remember to hydrate regularly to accelerate the elimination of toxins!

On exercise bike

If you prefer to exercise on a bike, you can do this type of training by playing with resistance. You can standard example, during the same session, alternating periods of exercise low resistance (1 minute) and exercise period to resistance in addition to high (2 minutes), while favoring a moderate work.

On treadmill

If you choose to train on treadmills, practice a reasonable charm: 6 to 7 km / h (14 to 15 km / h for specialists). If walking dynamic is not enough, do not hesitate to use a little slope (however, not to have a muscular commitment too extraordinary). During the same session, you can vary the exercise by alternating standard example dynamic walking on flat surface then slope, or run and walk (standard example: run 1 minute then walk 2 minutes, and extend the race times to sessions). You can also change the routine from one session to another. Consideration, do not use split (this type of exercise involves alternating periods of high-speed exercises interspersed with periods of recovery) but keep especially moderate intensity during each training.


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