Iridium Spa, St Regis Mumbai

From time to time we need to retreat to relax, shelter to relax, a place where you can avoid the stresses of everyday life. And I heard from astute travelers that the Iridium Spa – exclusively for St. Regis all over the world – is one such destination. Translated into “rainbow”, “iridium” comes from the Greek mythological goddess Iris, who surpasses the sea and sky as a messenger and appears as a rainbow. It is also a precious rare metal.

Digesting this information, my expectations were high when I got out of the elevator to a 22,000 square meter wellness center. Feet in St Regis Mumbai – consisting of a sports club, a magnificent pool and a luxurious spa, I was glad to see the atmosphere, with beautiful lanterns and candles, offering deep relaxation. Looking through the menu, I looked at a range of treatments, from facials, massages, baths, wraps, and scrubs. Or treat yourself to such signature services as the 120-minute Iridium Signature massage, which uses a blend of rose and healing flower immortelle.Or a 90-minute classic Hungarian, which includes a body brush; detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt, Hungarian marsh mud and peppers peppers; mask for deep cleansing of the body; and head massage. Or the tempting 90 minute Blue Diamond face care.

However, the conversation with the spa manager assured me that I should choose a treatment adapted to my basic needs. Because of knots and inflamed points, as well as sensitive skin, she advised me to go for a deep tissue massage with delicate grape seed oil. Therapy started with salty foot scrub. Relaxed, I gave in to a hard massage and felt how the tension was strained from stiff muscles, when the therapist skillfully rubbed the oil into the body, and then stretched the limbs as much as the body could take. The goal was to make the muscles relax and allow the oil to seep inside. Leaving the spa deeply relaxed and promising to return soon, I highly recommend individual Iridium transformational procedures for all of us who lead an active lifestyle or exhausting work schedule … or just feel relaxed and radiant!

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