Irina Shayk first gave an interview after breaking up with Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk became the main heroine of the American Harper’s Bazaar digital numbers. For the shooting, the 33-year-old model tried on feminine looks: a voluminous bright pink dress from Brandon Maxwell, a classic Burberry raincoat, a Saint Laurent dress with a fluffy organza skirt, a translucent outfit from Alberta Ferretti, a white Balmain dress with rhinestones and a Carolina Herrera skirt for photos topless .

The young mother shared the secret of how she manages to combine career and motherhood.

“There are no real problems. It seems to me that if you love someone, you can correctly prioritize. Motherhood is just another area in my life, ”said the brunette.

When asked how she felt about marriage, Shayk replied that she had never opposed him. But the proposal of the hand and heart model did not wait.

“Now everyone looks at it differently. Do I believe in marriage? Yes of course. I am not one of those who oppose him, ”admitted Irina.

The model’s father was a miner and died when she was 14 years old. After the grandfather’s death, only women remained in the house, so Irina had to become independent and independent.

“There were never men near us. And I had to learn to hammer a nail into a wall or hang curtains. I know everything and even how to grow potatoes or cucumbers, because it will help you survive in the winter, ”commented the celebrity.

The model explained the meaning of the name of her daughter Leia de Sien Sheik Cooper. According to her, the inspiration for the first name of the girl was the name of her paternal grandmother – Galina.

“My father’s mother was one of the most powerful women I’ve ever met in my life,” said Sheik. “Growing in a family with strong women is very important, because you can learn a lot from them.”

The second part of the name is inspired by the river Seine in France.


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