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Kylie Jenner is Launching Mattefying Kylie Cosmetics Setting Spray and the Bottle is ALL Pink

In the wake of coming back from her relationship-sparing voyage with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner declared something else.

Kylie Cosmetics will dispatch setting sprinkles on April 12.

Keep in mind when Kylie Jenner as of late moved her remarkable Lip Kits and the standard compliment/grumbling (which is it truly?) was they. do. not. come. off. Everything considered, the excellence care items budgetary pro will achieve something essentially equivalent to for your whole face, by temperance of her new out of the plastic new setting showers.

Per typical, she affected the colossal to uncover on her Stories and dished that the matte setting recipe is “bomb.”

“Alright individuals, I am so on edge to report my first setting shower. It is a mattifying setting sprinkle, it dispatches multi week from now,” Kylie explained. “I can scarcely pause.”

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“Pink on pink on pink. I regard how it turned out. I cherish having this on my magnificence care items counter. It is bomb.”

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