Makeup of the eyes: how to make up the eyes according to their color

Know how to make up your eyes according to their color: a fundamental step for a magnificence perfect look! Whatever the color of your eyes, give back your respect thanks to our beauty tips and tips. Green, brown, blue, gray or black eyes, learn how to choose the products you need for a successful make-up.

Eye makeup procedure

If it is recommended to make up your eyes according to their color and to adapt your mascara, your eyeshadow and colored pencils, the makeup methods are all the same. You have to know where the good colors are! The banana method is the most widely used. To make it a success, apply the darker makeup on the versatile eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. Then, apply the eye shadow in the light on the inner corner of the eye. This system awakens respect, openness and greatness!

Remark make up his eyes according to their color

Make up brown eyes

Before you linger on the procedure, start out standard identifying the hues that text style bring out the brown eyes. The colors to focus on, for your eyeshadow or colored eye pencil are beige, brown, brown, khaki, gold, beige, purple and black. In list of references: you can afford a lot of colors! Pastel shades are the only ones to avoid. Banish the white, pink, blue or green light, unflattering for your brown eyes, especially if you have matte skin. And yes, your skin tone has child significance in the choice of colors: a golden hue will sublimate the caramel skins while the light skin with brown eyes will prefer more cold tones.

The matte skins can move towards high coverage colors to bring out the hue of their brown eyes. Translucent blushes are to be forgotten. For you, the ideal shades are gold, copper and orange. The skins in addition to clear with brown eyes will point to the purple or beige, which will revive the glow of the iris without ever tarnishing their complexion.
On the mascara side, choose black, brown or plum. Brown eyes often have a hint of yellow or subtleties of green that can have an incredible glow with these colors. Simple colors, they are however ideal for the hazel color of your eyes to emerge with flawlessness. The night blue mascara can also be an alternative: it guarantees an ideal contrast between the white of the eye and the very dark iris.

On a daily basis, to highlight your brown eyes, combine brown with hints of gold or copper or dark blue with gray. Add a black kohl attribute inside your eyes for extreme respect. And in the evening, why not choose metallic effect shadows or glitter? Play with the surfaces, everything goes with your brown eyes.

Make up blue eyes

It may surprise you but the complementary color of blue is … orange! To bring out your blue eyes, bet on shades that contain this hue without necessarily giving a “halloweenesque” appeal to your respect. The makeup palette can include apricot, brown or even brown. By opening the field of colors, you will see that a huge number of makeup is offered to you. In warm colors, you can choose from bronze, caramel, beige, apricot or peach tones. The cool hues that textual style bring out the blue eyes include, they, pink, coral or violin. But remember to use them in moderation!

Blue eyes must immediately proscribe … blue. And yes, nothing like a blur effect to apply a shade too close to your eyes. The green is also to forget under penalty of creating a visual shock, the two do not flatter at all. Mascara side, no need to make tones! Blue eyes will favor black or brown to intensify the smoky rendering. Not to mention a characteristic of black colored pencil to deepen your respect.

Make up your blue eyes may vary depending on the size of your eyes. Those with small blue eyes will work with a brown corona eyeshadow, above and below the eye. Thus, the eye seems more open and seems to gain about ten millimeters. Does your fixed eyelid appear to you as small as the portable eyelid? Use the “banana” strategy with brown shades. Standard against, if your blue eyes are very large or particularly round, apply kohl, also brown, inside the eye. Nothing like it to lengthen it and give it a radiant “almond” effect.

During the day, blue eyes have a definite advantage: they do not require a lot of makeup to come out. A good amount of mascara and a touch of kohl can suffice. In the evening or for a particular event, make a smoky eye or sequined eyes! Curl up your blue pastel eyes with black-dotted “blur” to give a smoky perspective, then intensify your respect with a black tangle. Finally, the happy touch can be brought standard a copper veil superimposed on black. For intense blue eyes!

Make up green eyes

As with each color, use the color circle to see the complementary shades of green. For green eyes, it will be grumpy person on tones close to the red during makeup. Lilac, pink, purple, purple, aubergine, cranberry or mauve. Standard against, forget the colors too close to your iris. Green or blue would only tarnish your respect. Whichever color you choose, always apply a light or off-white base to increase your respect.

Bet on an eyeshadow that heavenly your skin tone. The matte skin will reveal their green eyes with warm tones like brown, brown or gold. Light complexions with light blond or light brown hair will turn to cooler colors: purple, gray, pink or purple. To finish your green eye makeup, do not forget the brown mascara preferably. It marries ideally with the green! You do not dare colorful mascara? Stay on black, classic and fabulousness.

When you have green eyes and are a fan of plum hues, remember to conceal your dark circles under penalty of bringing out with such a color on your eyelids! On the pastel side, black and dark green define respect. Apply these shades flush with the eyelashes to give the illusion that you flesh them. Side eyeliner, the green of your eyes will be revived standard purple or brown.

Do you find your green eyes small? Favor horizontal gradients. Apply the darkest color on the outside of the eye and the light inwards. The kohl, for its part, is flush with the eyelashes for a most extreme opening of the eye. For round green eyes, avoid marking the eyelid hollow to excess. Apply the darker color to the lashes and go back to the crease of the eyelid that you will make up in a shade more light. Highlight your eyes with an attribute of black colored pencil inside the eye, you will feel that your green eyes are in addition to small.

In the evening, choose dark or metallic colors to bring out your green eyes. Copper or gold, they will sublimate the green color of your eyes because your irises often contain natural glitter just waiting to be underlined. Finally, apply a black or purple pastel to perfect your festive excellence!


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