makeup tips that will make your life easier at times

To look spectacular, it is not necessary to spend hours in front of a mirror or spend a lot of money. Sometimes just a few little tricks can help save a lot of time and earn a reputation as a makeup guru. has gathered for you the secrets of professionals and amateurs who will precisely facilitate your life in pursuit of beauty.

Achieve from gel effect gel eyeliner

To achieve the perfect thin and uniform line from a classic eyeliner, you can melt the tip of a pencil with a match or a lighter. This trick will allow to reach the gel texture and can help out in a situation where the eyeliner of the desired shade is not at hand or it has treacherously dried at the most inopportune moment.

Low cost body bronzer

Get a radiant skin, like the models on shows Victoria’s Secret, you can not resorting to expensive oils and chimmers for the body. If you have unnecessary golden shadows or a favorite, but broken bronzer, give them a second life simply by mixing them with any baby oil spray.

Powder between layers of ink for volume

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