Are you fed up with repeated diets to hope to lose weight? Do not think in addition to! Here are 10 good habits to take to eliminate a few pounds before the summer.

1) Drink water before the meal

Did you know ? Drinking water before the meal would speed up the feeling of fullness, causing distention of the stomach. To lose weight before the summer, make it a habit to drink 1 or 2 large glasses of water after each meal. Otherwise, consume food in water: raw vegetables, soup … When the water is in the food, it is eliminated in addition to slowly and thus acquire a feeling of prolonged satiety.

2) The natural hungry roadster

In case of cravings during the day or before a wellness session, do not rush on industrial products. Opt for a basic dairy product (plain yogurt or cottage cheese) in preference to 0% fat that will act as a real hungry roadster. Add some pieces of apple or oatmeal. If you prefer, give yourself a handful of almonds (do not abuse it), they have a good satiating effect thanks to their low glycemic index and their high protein content. Other picked: do not consume more sugar after 17h.

3) Slimming accessories

Among the wellness accessories that will help you lose weight easily before the summer, choose:

The skipping rope: it is ideal for burning calories, having a flat stomach and toning the lower body. 15 minutes of jumping rope equivalent to 30 minutes of running.

The stepper: this small complete wellness device not only allows you to lose weight and work in cardio, but also to carve the lower limbs (glutes, abductors, adductors, quadriceps, calves …)

4) The training arrangement

Remark get motivated to play sports and lose weight before the summer? Test the personalized instructing! At best, if you can, give yourself 3 sessions. The mentor who will accompany you will help you to establish a fitness program before going on vacation and then for the 2 summer months. The right plan: negotiate with your mentor the same rate by associating 1 or 2 friends to share the session (choose friends with whom you share the same sports goals).

5) Outdoor wellness

When the good weather is there, take the opportunity to practice outdoors. Here is a circuit that you can easily reproduce to maintain your shape before the summer: 1 minute of skipping rope, between 15 and 30 squats, between 10 and 30 pumps, between 15 and 30 slots, between 15 seconds to 1 minute of board , between 10 and 30 abdominals (crunch type and / or pelvic winding). Repeat this same circuit between 3 and 5 times for a duration of 15 to 40 minutes of exercise. Do not forget to complete this standard program of other activities (cycling, brisk walking …). At least you have to train 2-3 times a week standard to get results!

6) Measure his movement

Your weight obsesses you? So put away your scales! If you decide to eliminate a few pounds before the holidays, why not change your method to spectator your results? With a tape measure, regularly measure your waist, your hips, your visit of thighs … or better, take out pants or skirt that you do not close in addition and it will be your slimming goal before the summer. The loss in centimeters is a much more significant and interesting data than the loss in kilos since it represents the fat you lose!

7) Sleep to lose weight

Did you know ? Lack of sleep increases the level of hunger hormones (ghrelin) and decreases the creation of hormones that give the sensation of being sated (leptin). That’s why, to be fit and protect yourself from weight gain, it’s best to sleep at least 7 hours a night. Try the most extreme of sleeping early and especially in your bed. Indeed, sleep called “deep loaned”, which is characterized by a slow brain activity, occurs before midnight. It is the most restorative!

8) The feet on the feet

To get back in shape physically before the summer, take your wellness shoes with you wherever you go. Every day, do not forget to put them on your travels or as soon as you can (eg get your lunch, pick up your kids at school, go up and down the stairs …). You will always walk at a steady and dynamic pace when you have them on your feet. This basic tip will encourage you to think about your everyday shape!

9) A new sports locker

Sometimes just a little to promote his inspiration. So what do you say to put a new set up in your sports locker room? The good plan: to make an absolute change by offering you a new wellness behavior. It’s a phenomenal way to get you to exercise!

10) Cardio at least 2 times standard week

To maintain your heart and sponsor your form before the summer, give yourself at least 2 or 3 standard week slots for cardio. Depending on your level and your experience, practice on the treadmill (or outside if the weather allows it) between 20 minutes and 1 hour: sports walk, small strides or fast race, it’s up to you!

You have understood, to lose weight quickly and well, no need for draconian diet. Simple and effective tips will help you think about your shape (and your line!) Everyday. Never forget that balanced sustenance, regular physical make-up activity and restful sleep will be the key to your success. To reach your slimming goals before the summer, set sports appointments in your motivation. And motivate yourself to keep the remove!


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