The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape, Once and For All

Which sunglasses will you absolutely stun in? It all depends on the shape of your visage and finding a proportional style of sunnies to fit the bill. (That pair of tiny sunglasses looks cute online, but will it actually suit your face shape? Probably not.) A quick and easy way to determine what will look best on you is to take inspiration from others with similar structure, like the four celebs, below. Match your shape to one of theirs, and then shop away.

The Emma Stone a.k.a. Round Face Shape


Design By Betsy Farrell

Rounder faces like Emma’s tend to be widest across the cheekbones and narrower along the forehead and jawline. Rectangular and angular frames are always a safe bet, and the wide cheekbones can pull off oversized frames, too.

The Angelina Jolie a.k.a. Square Face Shape

With her square shape, Jolie's got a few (rounded) options.

With her square shape, Jolie’s visage looks best paired with rounded frames that soften her angular features.

The Jennifer Lawrence a.k.a. Oval Face Shape

JLaw has a round/oval face, giving her plenty of options when it comes to frame shape.

Oval faces can pull off any frame style. JLaw has an oval face, giving her plenty of options when it comes to frame shape, from borrowed-from-the-boys silhouettes to retro rounded styles.

The Kerry Washington a.k.a. Heart Face Shape

The actress has a heart-shaped mug, which means angles are her friends.

Kerry Washington has a heart-shaped face, where her brow is broader at the top and her chin is more pointed at the bottom. This means angles of all kinds and wide, upturned frames are her friends. Go with light-colored styles or frames with exaggerated bottoms.

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