Tumblr young lady: how to repeat makeup?

To become like a real Tumblr young lady, you need to know the trends. And the courage to follow them in life – because fashion does not exist only for blogs.

Finding inspiration for your beauty images is not a problem today: what are countless blogs, where make-up ideas are shared by both pros and amateurs. Among the popular sources are the pages on the toggle switch. Many people use Tumblr blogs not only as a mindboard – but also as a portfolio, placing their own make-up experiments there.

Even a special style has been formed: there is a Tumblr young lady make-up that they try to repeat to be in trend. In this material, we reveal the secrets of the tumbler-make-up and share photos with examples of such a make-up.

What is characteristic of tumblr makeup?

Girls who prefer a toggle style are bold and easily experiment with clothes, hairstyles, and makeup. They look like they are keeping a close eye on trends, they always look well-groomed, striving for flawless skin, perfectly even eyebrows, and expressive eye makeup.

Sometimes it makes the looks of Tumblr girls a bit dollish, which certainly has some charm. If you disassemble the makeup of a typical tumbler-gerl on the components, you can select the required elements. A smooth matte tone

A uniform coverage that hides any imperfections – something that can be seen on most selfies from Tumblr.

The girls carefully mask any flaws, and also try to avoid the gloss of the skin, unless it is not about strobe with a spectacular glow of the highlighter on the cheekbones.

Makeup cut wrinkle

To highlight the eyes, girls in the style of a toggle switch emphasize the crease of the eyelid (for this they use the cut wrinkle technique) and complement it with graphical arrows.

Mat lips

Even if the makeup was conceived as natural, you cannot do without a matte lipstick in a tumbler image. Use, as a rule, means with a liquid texture from the gamut of nude.

And if you mute the brightness of the make-up is not included in the plans of Tumblr young lady, then the classic red lipstick, wine, and fuchsia colors are used, depending on the image and mood.

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