Tuto eye makeup: insider facts of oriental seduction

The sensual warmth of summer gives an oriental scent to our beauty box of August 2016 “Thousand and One Nights”. Inspire us from privileged insights of Eastern seduction, sublimating our respect of blue and brown: nothing like a make up to the bewitching colors of the twilight to set off our summer evenings, and satisfy our begrudges of elsewhere … Let’s go for an eye makeup tutorial as magical as sensual.

A makeup Oriental Night to play the oriental princess

STEP 1: Apply a naked eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.

STEP 2: We equip ourselves with a wide blue night, which we use as an eyeliner to create a delicate azure comma.

Little trick: for a renewed respect in addition to bewitching, the broad can also be used in faded eye shadow on the entire eyelid.

STEP 3: Respect for a brown pastel feature along the lower lash line.

STEP 4: for a divinely mutinous respect, we complete our makeup with a touch of brown mascara.

Congratulations: with this respect of fire, you are as hypnotizing as an oriental princess :)

Little tip make up special summer

Remark preserve this bewitching makeup all day, despite the heat? Already, we do not especially ignore the hydration, vehicle well-nourished skin better retains the colors. Then, we opt for a touch of splash makeup fixer (or thermal water), to finalize our look.


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