6 breathtaking Destinations perfect for a vacation

Traveling is not everyone`s cup of tea. Usually, humans are affected by the quantity of money involved in going from one vicinity to another. We wish you’re planning to do more than just staying at home and dreaming of visiting all the beauty nature has to offer. If you need that greater nudge, Sasta has super deals which allow you to purchase tickets and e-book resorts on low prices.

Now that your budget is taken care of, here are 6 places that you’ll be able to perfectly discover and enjoy, without being too heavy at the pocket:
Baku: Are you someone of lifestyle and the bluest of skies? Baku will satiate the records nerd inner you with the ancient Ateshgah, and the Gobustan National Park. After you’re done, the metropolis will welcome you with its stunning architecture and nightlife. You can without difficulty explore and revel in Baku in its grandeur in 4-5 days. Perfect for a long weekend!

Dubai is the crown jewel of modern-day structure. A desert was larger-than-live malls, the world’s tallest building that makes you feel one with the clouds. If you want to stay it up with wasteland safaris, indoor hotels and one in every of the maximum culturally diverse towns inside the world, Dubai is your jam. One of the shortest flights from Karachi, Dubai is for the loud and adventurous vacationers trying to sneak in a experience to break out their monotonous routine.

Thailand has lots of enjoy with tourists. So if you want a relaxing holiday getting the maximum steeply-priced massages and island resorts, hop on a flight to Bangkok which is complete of experiences. Enjoy indulgent boat cruises and visit the stunning temples speckled in the city. Bangkok is perfect for the more discerning traveler who knows exactly what they need.

There isn’t any direct flight to Hunza and that’s no longer a bad thing. Get off at Islamabad and take a street ride to this cultural magnificence, cocooned breathtakingly between ice-capped peaks. Every minute of your journey receives increasingly excellent because the temperature drops to a cool 27-30 ranges interspersed with gentle showers. You also get to see some of the most fascinating lakes of Pakistan round Hunza such as Lulusar, Attabad, and Saif-ul-Muluk (near Naran). If you’re a finances vacationer who craves natural beauty- Go already!

Look away Karachites, you have got a seashore and also you don’t admire it. Everyone else, this is the ideal weather for the sea and the solar in Karachi is pretty have a tendency in August. So if you suppose the roaring ocean and its breeze in symphony with light showers is some thing you’d revel in- hop on a flight to Karachi and spend more than one days right here. You can also indulge in quite a few water sports along with cliff diving, jet skiing, snorkeling and experience the ocean with out your price range maintaining you back.


Everyone has own family in Lahore who they go to from time to time. But don’t visit Lahore only for your relatives, it’s certainly one of the most culturally wealthy towns in Pakistan and has the most delectable food. Use your lengthy weekend to begin your day with Butt Karahi and visit the Badshahi Mosque to experience the architecture prowess of the Mughals. While no time spent in Lahore is enough, we’re sure that 4-days is sufficient to leisurely discover and admire all of the key attractions.

So do greater than loosen up in your lengthy weekend. Explore. Travel. Live. There’s a stunning world obtainable and also you ought to fully revel in it.

6 breathtaking Destinations perfect for a vacation
6 breathtaking Destinations perfect for a vacation

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