Our first stop as soon as our plane landed turned into to Union Station. I We best had more than one hours to kill, so we grabbed a quick chunk at ACME Pizza inside (highly propose), and then headed over to Mercantile Dining & Provision to seize a espresso and a drink. This little location was one in every of my favorites – you could grab some thing out of your morning latte and breakfast sandwich to a satisfied hour snack and cocktail. As you could see from the pics below, it became SO cute inside!. I also notice few awesome fashion outlets and some bridal wear shop.

We spent the rest of our day catching up with our friends, but did head into metropolis later that night time to The Block Distilling Co. If you’re partial to gin (or just extremely good cocktails in general), I highly propose this place! It was a pleasing quiet environment and a groovy yet state-of-the-art vibe. We picked up a bottle to bring home with us as a souvenir – mostly because it’s going to appearance so chic sitting on our bar cart 🙂

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