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Famous tourist attractions in China 4 places to go in China

Every time the May 1st and 11th holiday arrives, everyone will always think about where to travel this long holiday. What’s interesting is that many scenic spots only find out “but so” when you actually go, and the name is not true. The 10 famous Chinese tourist attractions recommended for you are not only famous, but also “good quality”. I will never regret it. What are the 4 Please look down~

  1. Lijiang Ancient City

Reason for listing: Since people discovered Lijiang, they have given various definitions related to love. Here is a paradise of love, the air is slightly scented with sweet suffocation. Embracing the snow-capped mountains on the terrace of the small hotel; walking around Sifang Street to enjoy the lazy sunshine in the summer afternoon; listening to the ancient music of the Naxi people by the window, the time is soft and inadvertently lost, the life of the so-called fairy monks It’s just that. In the night, Lijiang is dreamy and confusing, and the candlelight swaying in the bar sings low; in the small river with its light, a wishing lamp carrying good wishes goes away with the water… The sweet honeymoon, only in Lijiang can only be so gentle.

Plane – 45 minutes from Kunming to Lijiang, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have direct flights to Lijiang.

Trains – Kunming to Lijiang open night shifts and white shifts each pair of fixed trains, the whole journey more than 8 hours.

Cars – There are several bus terminals in Lijiang, and road traffic is extremely convenient. It takes about nine hours from Kunming to Lijiang.

Taxi – The starting price for a regular taxi in Lijiang City is 6 yuan.

Diet: Sifang Street in the center of Lijiang Old Town is a famous snack street; the night market is mainly located in the ancient city to the Sanjie intersection of Xinjie Street; representative local dishes include San Dieshui, Ba Dazu, Supreme, chickpea jelly,

Matsutake and so on.

Accommodation: Travel to Lijiang generally choose to live in the inn, the ordinary bed is 80 yuan / person, the tourist season (especially the Golden Week) prices will rise; if you want to live better, you can choose a well-equipped hotel.

Featured goods: Dongba Tie Dye, Tubu, Dongba Tapestry, Snow Tea, Surima, Naxi Mural, Bunun Bell, etc.

Featured activities: the 15th Annual Club, the 8th Festival in February, the Dongba Club in March 5th, the Torch Festival in June 25th, the July Meeting in July, and the 25th in July Mountain festival.
Note: Lijiang is a high-profile southwest monsoon climate with low temperatures and large temperature difference between day and night. Lijiang has strong sunshine and strong UV rays. It is best to carry a sun hat and anti-frost products. Lijiang is a high-altitude area (2,400 meters), it is not suitable for vigorous exercise, it is not suitable for drinking.

2. Hainan Sanya

Reason for listing: Sanya is a place that has been spoiled by God. God has given the most pleasant climate, the freshest air, the most harmonious sunshine, the blue waters, the softest beaches, the most delicious seafood… to the southernmost seaside tourist city of Hainan Island. Here, you will be infected by the sea, and the wind and the sun, walking on the delicate and soft beach, playing in the refreshing and transparent sea, the waves of flowers, laughter; here, you can appreciate the weight of “sea dry stone” On the bridge of lovers, I look forward to the beauty of the sea and the sky. The most real vows are made by the end of the world, accompanied by each other and hand in hand.


Aircraft – Sanya has opened routes to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, and other places, and is open to navigation in 63 cities.

Trains – Sanya has opened direct trains to Beijing West, Shanghai South, Guangzhou and other places, and about four hours from Haikou to Sanya.
Cars – Every 20 minutes in Sanya, there will be a special express train to Haikou. About 20 trains a day will be sent to long-distance buses in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.

Taxi – the starting price is 5 yuan for 2 kilometers and 2 yuan per kilometer after 2 kilometers.

Diet: Sanya’s famous seafood stalls include Chunyuan Seafood Square, Mingrun 168, Dong Goat Meat Hall, Laifu, Red Sand Fish Steak, Yellow River Duck, etc. Dadonghai and Yalong Bay are mainly hotel buffets. The most popular seafoods are steamed sea urchin, steamed rice, abalone, raw lobster, crab porridge, salt and pepper prawn, steamed grouper, and surayfish.

Accommodation: Generally choose to stay in Yalong Bay, Dadonghai or Sanya Bay. In addition, the resort on Wuzhizhou Island is ideal for a holiday.

Featured goods: There are hundreds of varieties of handicrafts and tourist souvenirs produced in Sanya, among which pearl crystal, shell products, dried seafood, coconut series, coffee series, dried fruit dried meat, island clothes are must buy Sanya seven specialty.

Special events: March 3rd Tourism Festival, Tanabata End of the World Wedding Festival, September Nine Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival, annual Hainan Island International Road Cycling Tournament in November.
Note: Carry a sunscreen with a sun protection index of 40 or higher and good water repellency, and prepare a drug to prevent heatstroke, gastrointestinal diseases, mosquitoes and other insecticide bites. Do not drink beer when eating seafood. Do not eat cold drinks, watermelons and other foods within one hour after eating seafood, and do not go swimming immediately.Xitang Ancient Town (Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province)

3. Xitang Ancient Town (Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province)

Reasons for the list: Xitang, which is not rainy in rainy days and sunless in the sun, is very suitable for the partners who are deeply and lovingly coveted. In the early morning, the bridge is flowing, the mist is floating; in the evening, the sunset is slanting, the fishing boat is flat; moonlight, red lanterns, and melodious music. Walk in the long shed, and hang around in a quaint residential shop; or soak a pot of tea, and the lover leans on the bar to watch the sun on the water, the boat slaps through the water, and the south of the radio Minor, quietly taste the ancient calm with a fireworks.

Tickets: Coupon: 100 yuan / person (including scenic tickets + 11 small attractions tickets); scenic spots tickets: 50 yuan / person

Day cruise: 100 yuan / boat (limited to 12 people); evening boat: 150 yuan / boat (limited to 10 people)
Trains – take the train from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou to Jiashan, then transfer to Xitang. The train from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jiashan is two times a day.

Car – Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center to Xitang’s tourist line car, starting at 9:15 every day, returning at 16:30, the fare is 140 yuan / person. From Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou, there are shuttle buses to Jiashan, and Jiashan Bus Station will take a shuttle bus to Xitang every 5 minutes.

Taxi – The starting price from Jiashan to Xitang is 5 yuan, and the total cost is about 25-30 yuan.

Diet: Xitang diet is mainly based on aquatic products. The popular dishes include meat-inlaid squid, braised squid, simmered duck, fried squid, steamed white silk fish, pond carp, lake crab and so on. Small snacks, tofu flowers, solid cakes, steamed pork, sweet wine and other snacks are also very special.

Accommodation: Xitang accommodation is divided into modern hotel, Linshui Inn and Ming and Qing Dynasties. The average price ranges from 100 to 300, and the weekend and holiday prices increase slightly.

Featured products: handicrafts have blue prints, buckles, Chinese knots, ethnic ornaments, etc.; local products include “June Red” river crab, green bean dry film, Bazhen cake, Jiashan rice wine and so on.

Special events: There are Fujulou Cultural Club, Chenjia Old House Bar, Red Court Bar, Suiyuan Xiaozhu Bar, and Langqiao Dream Bar in Xitang Scenic Area. The Xitang Night Tour Project is open on weekends and holidays, until 20:30 in the evening.

4. Fenghuang Ancient City (Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province)

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