Runway: FPW2016 – Amir Adnan, HSY, Maheen Karim, Sobia Nazir, Suffuse by Sana Yasir, Urdu1 present Kosem Sultan by Shamaeel Ansari and Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan opened the very first moment with smooth and smooth western wear! The range contained imaginative cuts and straightforward outlines, flaunting a spotless structure tasteful. Tuxedos, coats, ties and shirts in rich, superb tones exuded a tasteful and modern intrigue. We cherished how there were flies of print and weavings, which added a restless component to the lovely and all around custom-made dress. So young men, you presently know which fashioner to go to for a savvy and dashing look! Amir Adnan dependably does it best.


We were truly anticipating HSY’s ‘Onyx’ accumulation and were gigantically inspired with what we saw! A range that concentrated primarily on the working lady, included all blacks with flies of white for a monochrome touch. There was a blend of suits, flares, coats, dresses and capes in intriguing outlines with tense and female components including chains, belts, layering methods and fun sleeves! The gatherings were complex yet peculiar with a scrupulousness and surface surfaces. We totally cherished the expansion of the chamber satchels with Hasan Shehryar’s face imprinted on it-a genuine tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. Intense, feisty and amazing, this gathering made for a uber significant design explanation. Caps off to HSY.

Maheen Karim

Tasteful, rich and chic-Maheen Karim shook the incline with a staggering scope of event wear including evening outfits and a blend of outlines. The pieces were strong and ladylike at the same time with emerge prints and an agile structure tasteful. We cherished how Maheen picked a one of a kind shading plan with shades of quieted, shimmery, yellow golds and dark. She kept it basic however significant with negligibly and keenly put embellishments. It is difficult to pick a most loved with this one, yet we completely loved the printed coordinating isolates dark and gold belted brush off top with flared pants. A series of commendation to Maheen Karim for a polished and elegant gathering.

Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir took the cake for innovativeness! Her accumulation was a blasted of excitement, style and advancement most appropriate for the really trendy! We cherished how she joined tropical and rococo components, making fun and eye getting pieces. Unsettles, hides, flares, calfskin and prints were the emerge includes in tints of green and beige with flies of dark, red and gold. We had our eyes on the striking yet exquisite every red troupe the ideal outfits of decision for an emerge style explanation! These outfits are likewise extraordinary in case you’re searching for the ideal blend of bubbly, rich and voguish. A delightfully exceptional and present day extend.

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