The Burj Club, Gym

An extraordinary occasions goal arranged at level 112 of Burj Khalifa.

At The Burj Club exercise center, wellness sessions are helped by expert supervision, cutting edge hardware and delightful perspectives on the wellsprings. Browse a semi-olympic size indoor lap pool or the polished outside under the fresh sun. The chic scene offers Miami-meets-Manhattan vibe with extravagant sun beds sitting above Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain. You may choose from a scope of rec center or pool participations.

Selective dimension for women
Your protection matters. Which is the reason we have a total dimension committed to women, including an all around delegated exercise center and a sumptuous spa.
New Fitness Concepts
Look at these incredible new gathering classes for AED 95 as it were.
An extraordinary cardiovascular exercise. Ride the Rhythm through slope climbs, dashes and other testing drills.
High Intensity Interval Training joined with activities that objective and fortify your center. Reasonable for all wellness levels.

A practical circuit style exercise consolidating a scope of body weight, cardio and obstruction works out. Extraordinary for weight reduction and center solidness.


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