The Lounge Burj Khalifa

Levels 154| 153| 152

Investigate the world’s most astounding parlor at 585 meters.

Tea in the mists

Sit back in the lavish sofas. Appreciate a grouping of crisp heats and sensitive treats, close by a choice of the best tea and espresso. Comprehensive of a voyage through the open air porch.

Bubbly sundowner

Watch the sun set into the great beyond and skies turn pink with sentiment. Appreciate a glass of house drink or bubbly, complimented by gourmet canapes.Inclusive of live diversion and a voyage through the open air porch.

Mixed drinks under the stars

Furrow to the tunes of our inhabitant vocalist or house DJ, as the night wakes up 585m above Dubai. Appreciate a glass of house refreshment or bubbly, complimented by gourmet canapes. Comprehensive of a voyage through the open air patio.


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