The Most Popular Styles In Interior Design

Modern, classic, Provence … There are an incredible amount of styles that are used in the interior design of apartments. Moreover, it is rare to find the use of a single style, most often this mixture of several to create a multi-faceted effect.

With so many styles in the design, it is extremely difficult to determine which one you like and fits. To help you with your choice, we have compiled a description and examples of the most popular styles of interior design.

  1. Modern Style

Modern style is most often associated with clear lines, a uniform color palette and the use of metal, glass and steel. In modern style, each element is as simple and minimalist as possible. Most often, such an interior can be described as austere and strict, it lacks an excessive amount of decor.

2 .American Classics

Strictly speaking, American classics are not a style, but a kind of eclecticism that combines neoclassicism, art deco, and possibly country music. This direction appeared in the United States (hence the name), and depending on the state you can see one or another combination of the above styles.

American classics are always different in volume and elegance. This style combines the best of classic and modern, which allows you to create timeless interiors, timeless. Traditionally, they are characterized by warm, natural colors: beige, terracotta, pale blue, various shades of green and brown.

3 .Fusion

Fusion is a mixture of styles that seem incompatible at first glance. “Mixed” interiors are gaining increasing popularity, because everything is possible in them: pastel and bright colors, wood and metal, a variety of shades and textures. The most relevant combination now is the sharing of Art Deco, neoclassical and modern styles.


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