Soy sauce and merlot, cigarettes and coffee, cola and blueberries: These are sins, to a dentist. But Jennifer Jablow, D. D. S., of Park 56 Dental, can absolve you of them. “Your teeth have pores, so they’re constantly absorbing everything they come into contact with,” Dr. Jablow says. “What at-home kits do in a month my system can do in 45 minutes.” Here’s how it works.

First Dr. Jablow covers your teeth with a proprietary 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel. All hydrogen peroxide solutions, whether strips, gels, or another form, unleash a certain amount of highly reactive oxygen molecules—the stain busters—when activated. But Dr. Jablow boosts the output with a blast of UV light. More molecules in contact with the teeth mean more reach the dentin below each tooth’s enamel, she says.

Dr. Jablow claims the system (called “Zoom!”) brightens choppers an average of 7.7 shades, at a cost between $350 and $1,000. “But how you take care of your smile at home is just as important as what I can do in my office,” she admits. To that end . . .

Plug in Your Toothbrush
“Using an electric toothbrush is the single best thing you can do to break up plaque and stains,” says Dr. Jablow. And while whitening toothpastes are great for upkeep on your teeth, don’t expect them to work magic on a subpar smile: “They’re really for removing superficial stains and preventing future staining,” Dr. Jablow says.

Chew on This
“If you chew gum, pick a brand with xylitol,” says Dr. Jablow. It’s a sugar substitute that helps remineralize the teeth.” We like Trident Sugarless.

Fortify with Fluoride
If you’re on anti depressants or antihistamines and you’re experiencing dry mouth, ask your dentist for a 1.1 percent fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride rinse, says Dr. Jablow. Without enough saliva, the acid level in your mouth rises, making you more vulnerable to cavities. The extra-strength fluoride can help protect your teeth.


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