Happy Thursday Friends! It appears like AGES considering I’ve written a blog post (or been active on social media, about fashion on wedding dresses for that matter). I’ve been taking a bit of a break to do some making plans for later this year (so excited!), and move on a true non-work trip with friends. Last week, we flew out to Denver, CO to visit a number of our nice friends, and took a street journey as much as Aspen to revel in one remaining snow before officially getting into spring mode.

We didn’t take many photos, however I desired to share our enjoy anyways. It was one of the most beautiful places. I actually have ever been! The snow and surroundings was absolutely magical – I’ve by no means visible whatever like it earlier than. We didn’t emerge as attending to ski (Ryan injured himself the week previous to our journey), but we did pass snowmobiling and experience the aprés ski way of life anyways.


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