Trends In Kitchen Interior Design

The main trends in the design of the kitchen interior are technologies, natural colors, a variety of textures and materials. We have collected for you the key trends in kitchen interior design, popular in 2019.

1 .Colors and Textures

In addition to light pastel colors, dark natural colors — black, graphite and gray — have become topical. Now you can choose from a wide variety of textures. This is a natural stone (marble, slate, granite), ceramics or sintered stone. The latter is a very practical material, which is produced by the Italian company Lapitec S.p.A. It is not susceptible to cuts and temperature, it cannot be stained and it does not fade.

2 .manufacturability

echnology in everything. Starting from ovens with built-in cameras and Internet connections (Candy Watch & Touch) and cooking plates integrated into worktops, ending with high-tech materials (porcelain countertops and sinks built into TM Italia countertops) and fittings that allow you to open or close the doors of the cabinets doors inside the kitchen.

3 .Metal

Back at the end of 2017, brass has become one of the most popular materials in use and it remains to this day. A brass faucet in combination with a chrome-plated sink and warm-colored materials is an ultra-trendy trend this year. The choice of door handles, faucet, panels, faucet or a plate made of brass gives an incredible amount of imagination and makes the interior of your kitchen bright and memorable. This year, along with brass, bronze and copper are also popular.


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