10 main shades of this summer

Today is the first day of summer, and even if it does not pamper us with sun and warmth, we believe that everything is still ahead. In the meantime, we are waiting, sharing with you the ten main colors of this summer, which will give your everyday life bright colors.

10 main shades of this summer

                                                                                                  Main shades of this summer

According to Pantone, this bright red color symbolizes “confidence and determination,” which is quite logical, especially if you wear a suit in this shade.


Named after a spice of the same color – saffron, this shade of yellow is warmer than mustard, but insanely attractive, thanks to its golden tint.

“Deep as an open sky,” as Pantone described this semi-dark shade of blue, perhaps the most versatile of all the fashionable shades of this summer.

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