3 rules for wearing vintage items

For several years now, trends have fluctuated between the style of the 90s and 80s. Dior revived a saddle bag from that period, Gucci in the FW’20-21 collection showed an accessory from the 2000s on the catwalk . Given this trend, it is not necessary to buy new things “antique”. In addition, in the light of recent events, everyone concludes that we produce too much clothing. And while some brands are abandoning the seasons , other platforms are starting to sell vintage things. In addition, to become a happy owner of a vintage item from Chanel at half price, or even less, is always pleasant.

rules for wearing vintage items

                                                                                         Rules for wearing vintage items

There are more and more vintage stores with selected and cleaned items every year. The resale market is growing twice as fast as retail. And this is another small victory in the struggle for sustainability.

It is worth remembering that a vintage thing can be called if it is not less than 20 years old. When buying vintage items, you need to take into account several nuances in order to enjoy wearing things with history. 

Rule number .1

Pay attention to relevance

Although everything is cyclical in fashion, it’s quite easy to notice the difference between the cut of the 1990 trench coat – it will be fitted, and modern, which will be oversized. This is not always a minus if you supplement the image with relevant things. But pay attention to such nuances is still worth it. The cardigan that you liked may have irrelevant buttons, but you can easily alter them.

Rule number .2

Do not dress vintage from head to toe

The main rule of styling is not to overdo it with elements in one direction. For example, if you put on the Cossacks, then you don’t need to supplement them with a cowboy hat and leather with fringe, otherwise there is a chance to become the hero of the movie “Django Unchained”. In the same way with vintage: do not go entirely into the style of retro aesthetics. Complete the look with modern things and accessories, otherwise you run the risk of getting behind a guest from the past. Although Dita von Teese managed to build a career on the image of a diva from the 40s, so sometimes you can break the rules.

Rule number .3

Pay attention to strategic places 

When buying a vintage item, it is important to consider it from all sides. If you make purchases online, ask the seller to send you a photo of strategically important points – places on things that spoil in the first place. On coats and jackets, these are elbows, on shirts – cuffs and a collar, on trousers – between the legs and the hem, if the trousers are long. When buying a vintage suit, it is important to remember that trousers wear out faster than a jacket. Elements such as a snake or lining can be easily changed.


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