5 films for summer evenings

On summer evenings, you want to relax and spend time with yourself or friends watching a movie. A great option is to arrange an outdoor film show, but home comfort will be an excellent alternative to it. So that you do not puzzle over which movie to choose, we have selected 5 warm films for you, creating a summer mood.

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona” is a romantic story of 2008, written and filmed by Woody Allen. In the center of the plot – the story of two American students: Vicky and Cristina, who spend the summer in Barcelona. Here they meet with artist Juan Antonio. He is attracted to both girls, and while he is still in love with his unbalanced ex-wife Maria-Elena. The story of the summer holidays of two female students sets the viewer in a romantic and adventurous way.

A painting by Woody Allen is a great alternative for those who can’t make a choice about which movie to watch: dynamic or relaxing. A fantastic plot will attract lovers of action, the love line will interest everyone who is bored of living without romance, and philosophical dialogues – fans of intellectual cinema. The main character Gil Pender arrives in Paris with his fiancee Ines. On the first day, the girl, having met her old friend Paul, leaves the groom alone for the whole evening, and Pender goes for a walk around Paris. In an unfamiliar lane, he is caught up in a car in which a stranger sits, looking like a young Ernest Hemingway. From this moment all the fun begins.

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