5 Stylish Images in the Videos of Lana Del Rey in Honor of Her Birthday

Today, the singer and muse of Creative Director Alessandro Michele Lana Del Rei celebrate her 33rd birthday. After the release of the Video Games video in 2011, which Lana mounted independently, her retro style in symbiosis with a touching voice and languid look has won every one.

Then there was a successful album Born to die and a clip for the song of the same name, the frame from which  against the background of the American flag – is difficult to forget. The singer from the first notes takes the listeners in the era of Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie, exploiting the iconic attributes of those times. We congratulate Lana and invite you to watch 5 video clips in which the girl and her stylish images just do not tear off the eye.

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