Can there ever be daily while not a controversy? i assume not. As fun our Pakistani celebrities square measure, each of them likes to keep within the limelight for one scoop or the opposite. Be it for his or her relationship standing, a feud, business out different celebrities, marriage, divorce etc.

Speaking of celebrities, the bubbly Iqra Aziz was invited to Yasir Hussain’s show ‘ The once Moon Show’ at the side of Asim Azhar and Asad Siddiqui and things got pretty exciting! throughout the interview, Yasir Hussain questioned Iqra concerning her new tattoo! Well, not new however her terribly ‘first’ tattoo!

And yes, among the list of famous ‘inked’ Pakistani celebrities, Iqra too has joined the ‘ink’ gang. It’s not just the celebrities that are obsessed with tattoos but others are also hopping on this trend and getting inked! But Iqra’s statement has left her fans really curious!!

Yasir, throughout the interview, tells however Hina Altaf was completely open concerning her tattoo and told the entire world concerning it that created Iqra question him asking, “Why area unit we have a tendency to talking concerning Hina’s tattoo? Isn’t this concerning my tattoo?”

Upon demand her to inform the audience a lot of concerning her tattoo, Iqra said:

” Mai nahi bata rahi, meri marzi”

And Iqra, we have a tendency to respect that!
Yeah, though we all know that Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz ar besties, she still selected to not reveal a lot of regarding her tattoo, on air. Well, as seen within the video, Yasir looks to grasp everything! Hmm, Yasir, y u do dis? Was it planned? Or was it not? What does one think?

And as for Iqra Aziz, she clearly felt uncomfortable talking about it and ANNOYED! But, for now, everyone knows that the diva has gotten her first tattoo and we can’t to see what it is and where it is. LOL. I know thora ziada hogaya but, hey, we’re curious!
Since she has only in the near past got it, perhaps it’ll take it slow to be vocal concerning it, that is totally fine. And yes, speaking of Hina Altaf, she too, talked concerning it publically once quite it slow. Hey, izz all good!

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