Angelina Jolie May Lose Custody of Children

The Beast reports that the court notified actress Angelina Jolie that she will lose custody of her children if she does not contribute to their healthy relationship with Brad Pitt. According to documents provided by The Blast, the divorce judge Angelina and Brad determined that the six children of the former couple “do not have sufficient contact with the father” and adds that “it is important that each of them has a healthy and lasting relationship with the father and mother “.

According to the documents, Angelina must provide Brad with the mobile phone number of each child and allow him to call when he wants. In addition, she is not allowed to read text messages from Brad’s children or give out a phone number that she can secretly control.

The court also made a schedule of days when younger children of the former couple can see Pitt. The opportunity to decide when to meet with the father will be granted only to 16-year-old Maddox. If Jolie refuses the requirements, the care of the children will pass to Brad Pitt.

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