Beautiful and fashionable women’s shoes spring-summer 2020

During the fashion shows spring-summer 2020, many interesting models of shoes were presented. Considering the new collections, it can be concluded that the designers have identified undoubted leaders among them. Now we have to get acquainted – which models to choose for the spring-summer season?

It is the shoes that we often have to wear in the warm season, and in the spring they will be the most sought-after pair of shoes.

Fashion models 2020

First, we dwell on the models that were among the leaders on the podium 2020, and consider which trends are most clearly expressed in the shoes.

In addition to classic boats, there are also other types of boats. And most of them in the new season you can see in the collections of famous designers. For example, the boat without the back (the upper part of the shoe that covers the heel), or with an open toe, the boat with cutouts in the side parts.

Basically, these models have heels, studs or – glasses. Each species has its own name, but now the topic of study is different. So just look at the new proposals of designers.

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