BHMFW Fashion Influencer Interview Series | Lydia and Parisa

The Fashion Hub is a savvy site based around the utmost less universe of plan. TFH is arranged in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and has transformed into an overall stage for the non straight market in style, greatness and workmanship. Made by sisters, Parisa and Lydia Birgani, TFH has been named ‘Top destinations to know in the Middle East’, ‘Coolest webpage in Dubai’ ‘ Names to know on the web’, similarly starting late being chosen for a regional respect.

The stylish sisters have given an entry to another element of style to be seen in the locale, and have taken a close-by ‘blog’ into a totally worked webpage to an overall market and have pushed toward getting to be business visionaries for their own one of a kind business and other helpful endeavors with gigantic names, for instance, Selfridges.

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