Buckingham Palace presented previously unknown portraits of Harry and William

Probably, 2019 became one of the most saturated with bright events for the British monarch family. First the birth of the third child Kate Middleton, then the grandiose wedding of the once Hollywood TV star, and now the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle and Prince Harry and the rather unusual gay wedding of Elizabeth II’s fourth-born nephew Ivar Mountbatten with his chosen James Coyle. It would seem that more? But the other day Buckingham Palace showed previously unknown portraits of the princes Harry and William.

Since 2009, the National Portrait Gallery in London has presented a picture of Nicky Phillips, which portrayed Harry and William. Before starting this canvas, Phillips made several sketches, including individual portraits of the princes, who later gave Prince Charles. Since that time, they have been kept in his private collection and have never been exhibited. It was recently reported that these and other portraits of the royal family, previously unknown to a wide audience, would become part of the Buckingham Palace exhibition.

Most of the exhibition will consist of works of artists supported by three charitable organizations of Prince Charles. In addition to the grandchildren of the Queen of Great Britain, the exhibition will also feature a sketch of the Queen Mother, wearing the diamond jubilee brooch of Queen Victoria, as well as the pencil drawing of Prince Philippe Brian Organa.

The exhibition Prince & Patron will open on July 21 and will host guests until September 30th.


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