By Pairs: 5 Shoe Trends of the Spring-summer Season – 2019

This spring, we definitely will have something to do (in a fashionable context too): designers offer variants from familiar kitten heels to futuristic snickers.

The spring-summer season was very generous for beautiful shoes (however, as always). The warm season can rightly be called a holiday of the most diverse footwear. In connection with the variability of weather in March, you do not like slim shoes, but in hot summer in sneakers, and we are used to choosing shoes in a conservative way – it’s much easier to choose universal couples to be at feasts and in the world. Very in vain, because fashion authorities hint that we will not be bored for sure. Podiums captured non-standard ideas: huge sneakers, shoes of the 1980s, cowboy boots – Cossacks, the bold symbiosis of sports and classics and much more.

It’s time to update the list of it-shoes.

Cowboy Boots

American style, now sung not only in Westerns, is still relevant: in fashion, everything that has the slightest relation to the cowboy’s girlfriend. And of course, the first is shoes. To indulge in such, do not necessarily go to the ranch – this spring safely wears them with anything and anywhere. The most eloquent examples are from Maison Margiela, Coach, Calvin Klein and Chloé.

The symbiosis of sports and classics

We have already talked about the fact that we are sporting in a trend. Sport is undergoing changes – it is now almost everywhere: designers thought that we had few combinations of sports shorts with tapestries made of tapestry and silk dresses with Olympics, – the shoes also changed beyond recognition. Take only slippers-shoes Fenty Puma or shoes-socks Monse – classic boats in the new reading.

Plastic Shoes

The idea of plastic in design gets a new vector – this material is gaining unprecedented popularity and therefore appears not only as a cloak we are accustomed to but as the main component of footwear. Boots, ankle boots, and plastic shoes are an interesting solution, however, the practicality of plastic in shoes can only be guessed.

Plastic Shoes

Pumps shoes

It is not necessary to suffer on the stiletto heels: the designers supported the girls’ need to stand firm on the ground and offer kitten heels. Thin hairpins are left for a special occasion, and for every day, especially when you need to be in two or three places at the same time, we look for shoes with a low heel. The correct specimens are from Prada, Erdem, and Miu Miu.

Pumps shoes


Perhaps one of the most obvious trends of the season, but the most practical. In fashion is still a passion for the 1990’s, and with them and to the mules. You say, too trite? No, if you choose the right shape, color and silhouette. Especially in this season mules have a huge advantage over their predecessors: low steady heel. Examples to follow – in the collections of Tibi, Marc Jacobs, Acne Studios, Sportmax.




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