Dia Mirza wallops man controlled society in Bollywood!

Starting late, an arrangement of Bollywood on-screen characters and creators which included Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar and Ajay Devgan met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the midst of his one-day visit to Maharashtra to discuss the various issues looked by the film business.

After a short time, Akshay took to Twitter to post a picture from the social affair with an engraving that read, “Impassioned thank you to the not too bad Prime Minister Narendra Modi for putting aside out exertion to hear us at last, talk about issues identifying with our industry and ensuring positive idea of proposition.”

The arrangement, which was to address the issues of the film business had no female operators. Dia Mirza after a short time took to Twitter to raise stress over this man driven society. To Akshay’s tweet, she communicated, “This is splendid! Is there an inspiration driving why there were no women in this room.”

In one more tweet, Dia tended to, “In what limit can an entire industry be addressed just by men.”

Exactly when a netizen grilled Dia concerning why everything has ended up being about test among individuals, she replied, “It’s not about test! It’s such a noteworthy thing. If we intend to achieve reasonableness we ought to be joined into all dialogs! Clearly women are advancing pleasantly. We are doing extraordinary paying little mind to how we are banned. Additionally, doesn’t that need to change?”

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