How Did Salvatore Ferragamo Create Ecological Sandals?

Once again proving that large fashion houses increasingly solve the problem of environmental pollution, the Italian giant Salvatore Ferragamo launched a new model of sandals on the platform Rainbow, which exactly 80 years ago was created specifically for the Hollywood actress Judy Garland. The updated model was called Rainbow Future.

Speaking of materials, it should be noted that in addition to suede, which was replaced by organic crochet work (certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard), treated with zero consumption of water and carbon dioxide emissions, Rainbow Future comes with water-based glue, non-carbonated brass and a 100 percent recycled garment. In general, we can say that the model is 100% decomposable and subject to recycling.

Rainbow Future footwear is part of the Ferragamo Creations line, an exclusive collection of shoes that draws on the company’s extensive archive, recreating – in severely limited quantities – famous past shoes made by hand using original techniques. Introducing the Made in Italy label, the Creations collection is created with social responsibility in mind and is supported by the Florentine company Treedom, which will plant 100 orange trees in Sicily in order to compensate for any CO2 emissions.How Did Salvatore Ferragamo Create Ecological Sandals?

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