How to Make a Secret Message Book


Sure you can utilize undetectable ink, yet it’s significantly more tomfoolery and inventive to speak with others by making a secret message book. This is the way to make your own.



What You’ll Need:

Clear paper*
Pens, pencils, pastels, or markers
Cardboard (oat boxes work incredible)
Scrapbook paper


*This book works best assuming that your paper is square. Assuming you are somewhat over the top (like me), print out the layout underneath and cut off the base segment (it’s named). You will have a square piece of paper and a cutting aide for Step 2
Draw an image or compose a message on a clear piece of square paper or in the format given.
Cut your paper into a square winding, keeping it as even as could really be expected. Utilize the format or measure out your own twisting for best outcomes.
Beginning at the middle, overlay your paper accordion-style until it’s completely wrinkled.
For the cover, slice cardboard to the size of your book, representing the spine and back cover. Mark where your spine will be and crease the cardboard thusly. This will make it simpler to twist the cover into a book shape in Step 8.
Remove one more piece of scrapbook paper, somewhat more modest than your cover. Stick it over the uncovered cardboard. While the paste is as yet wet, twist your cover once again into a book shape.
Stick one finish of the paper accordion to the cover. Try not to stick the opposite end.
All done! Presently you can give your book to a companion and when they unfurl the pages, your secret message will be uncovered.

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