Humaira Arshad and Ahmad Butt Ended their 14 Years of Marriage

After a long fight in court, the separation of the couple has been settled at last. Conversing with news source, Humaira Arshad said “Our separation was at last settled after common comprehension. This separation was a common choice and neither of us have any grumblings with one another.”

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She proceeded, “We did this for our child, for his future. I am happy with my separation and will currently concentrate on my work and singing vocation the same number of new open doors are coming my direction.”

Ahmed Butt additionally educated that “We have at long last separated from one another and I have the care of our child. Humaira Arshad is never again identified with me. I unassumingly demand everybody to give us reality to adapt up to this individual issue.”

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The couple wedded in 2004 when Humaira Arshad was at the pinnacle of her profession. Be that as it may, only a couple of years’ after the fact things started going downhill because of both local and monetary issues. In the end, the artist took the legitimate course and petitioned for legal separation in 2015.

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