In The Spotlight!: Baaji Leaves Us Speechless!

The much anticipated film of the year has at long last touched base in films across the country! We have been prodded with sneak look content from their version of age old tunes to their activity stuffed trailer! We watched it and allows simply state we would watch it over and over!

The gathering cast incorporate Amna Ilyas, Meera Jee, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider and a lot progressively respected names in the business. The story rotates around a whiz named Shameera (Meera Jee) who’s losing her capacity to keep going about just as her confidence in her ability. She at that point experiences a straightforward and positive youthful Neha (Amna Ilyas) who turns into her chief and offers to help her rediscover her ability. Enter Rohail Khan (Osman Khalid Butt) who plays a practiced executive who unknowingly causes a crack and at last delivers the dramatization and anticipation that keeps all of us enthralled till the end!

The character who really stole our hearts with her dynamic execution and persistence was Amna Ilyas! This job demonstrated her adaptability as an on-screen character, as her character was the most advancing of all. Amna’s capacity to adjust to every situation and evoke approaches to make her character feel crude and relatable is the thing that genuinely did it for us! In addition to the fact that her characters in the film collect compassion, but on the other hand it’s one that reminds us to discover the quality inside us to stay earnest and on the correct side regardless of the conditions.

This film has every one of the components that spellbind a group of people. It has a sound measure of tension just as adoration and amusingness. The scenes held pleasant sets and areas that were all curated and structured by Muhammad Murtaza – the film’s imaginative head. From the exquisite house that is a central area to wonderful Shogran in Northern Pakistan. What truly grabbed our attention was obviously the faultless styling and tender loving care in each outfit from easygoing to formal, all done by Anila Murtaza!

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