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Jokes Aside: the Most Reasonable Statements of Models

We are accustomed to hearing that, except for appearance, and then quite doubtful in the understanding of “mere mortals,” the models have nothing more. They are not friendly with intellect, with a sense of dignity, too, since many of the mannequins call such “litter” themselves, and that is already talking about some higher values. The editorial staff of FWD intends to discredit all the listed applications. After all, how can people be judged without knowing them personally, as soon as not by their own words? Defending the self-sufficiency of models, we found unambiguous quotes, confirming the true essence of fashion-girls.

Claudia Schiffer on comparisons

At the very beginning, I wanted to make it clear who I was and that I did not need to compare with others. A few years later, I suddenly realized that it was very flattering when they compared you to someone very famous and beautiful. I really did not realize this. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth said: “You look like Brigitte Bardot”. Eva Herzigova’s model saw in me something from Marilyn Monroe and Linda from Sophia Loren.

Naomi Campbell on the sense of dignity and gratitude

What’s the difference, what’s going on inside me? The main thing is that I look great, and the rest is not your business.
I want you to write it down: time is the main treasure. If someone presents you a gift, he wants to capture the fact of delivery on the photo. Even if you do not like it, smile and say: “How kind of you to do this, to give me this.”

Bella Hadid about beauty

I think the most beautiful people are those who do not just make an impression. They touch you to the core.

Cindy Crawford about self-love and the principle of “here and now”






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