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Monica Bellucci Walked on the Catwalk at the Dolce & Gabbana Show

Italian Fashion Week loses its splendor if the Sicilian duo Dolce & Gabbana does not present its collection in its framework. Like several seasons ago, designers Domenico and Stefano continue to explore the habits and desires of a new generation – millennials. For a long time experimenting with the sporting style and weaving it into his style, the designers came to the conclusion that their young clients are not crazy at all, but from classical, well-dressed suits. It’s no wonder, in fact, to purchase a tracksuit, the millennium is unlikely to appeal to Dolce & Gabbana.

“We noticed this at all the fittings. Perfectly tailored suits, tuxedos, black lace, silk prints – what we like to create for 30 years carries away the young audience today. In fact, we do not work in fashion. Our task is to use collections to tell about our history, and what we are broadcasting is a style, “say the designers.

Thus, men wear luxurious three-piece brocade suits with baroque embroidery, tuxedos with ornamental patterns, summer suits made of lightweight fabrics, complemented by translucent volumetric T-shirts with perforations and others. There were religious themes and the Renaissance, which were manifested in prints. In addition to the male images, women appeared on the podium, one of which was taken up by the Italian actress 53-year-old Monica Bellucci. She wore a black classic suit with a white shirt and low heels on the hairpin. Guests were also surprised by the appearance of four old ladies on the podium, who were dressed in American-style tracksuits.


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