Mythical deities come to life in the collection of Guo Pei Couture

Chinese designer Guo Pei presented a collection called East Palace.

“The Palace of the East is not only about the building, it also applies to women, because in Chinese culture there are many statements about women in palaces. This also applies to outfits that women wear in these palaces. And you see it in my collection, which reflects all these outfits, ”the designer commented on the collection.

The show began with a pair of twins, joined in a lush dress with feathers and embroidery. They were followed by models in cream attire with embroidered images of angels and demons sitting nearby, monkeys on the royal throne, flocks of birds and esoteric motifs. On dresses and robes one could see the mother of dragons Lun Mu, the guardian of heaven Tianlong and the patron spirit of South Zhunyao, who was driving away the demonic raven from the attack on the heart of the Chinese princess


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