Nadia Jamil, Frieha Altaf, Maheen Khan share encounters of rape

The horrendous and brutal assault and murder of eight-year-old Zainab Amin in Kasur has not just started gigantic shock, it has additionally prompted a truly necessary discourse and talk on a point that has been brushed away from plain view for a really long time.

Individuals from media outlets, including Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Faysal Qureshi and Sanam Saeed, met up and held serene exhibitions and called for equity for Zainab alongside spreading mindfulness about sexual maltreatment and unfortunate behavior.

Following this, Nadia Jamil, Frieha Altaf and Maheen Khan, likewise took to Twitter and shared their records of sexual maltreatment and required a change to occur with the goal that the culprits of this demonstration are rebuffed.

In a progression of tweets, Nadia expressed, “I was 4 the first occasion when I was mishandled explicitly. I was in school when it made a huge deal about. Individuals let me know not to converse with deference my families respect. Is my families respect stuffed in my body? I am a glad, solid, cherishing survivor. No disgrace on me or my children. Just pride 4 being me.

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