Nida Azver is going to present a line of caftans and abay

In accordance with the diversification of the studio during 2017, to now include dedicated lines for needlework, items of clothing for rebirth, haute couture and luxury clothing, couturier Nida Azver is going to present a completely new line of Ramzan Kaftan and Abay with the DINA collection, expanding her label to appeal to a more diverse clientele.

In the DINA collection, more than 30 different caftans and abays are presented, ranging from luxurious evening dresses to understated formal wedding wear, combining with the company’s work as a studio, from screen printing and stamping, to delicate embroideries with zardozi and crystal. The collection is based on pure silks and pure georgettes with rich shades of mostly black, sea, burgundy, gold, pastel and not quite white.

“Constant and growing demands from my brand’s patrons, in particular, on the elite line of caftans and abay, although over the years, and therefore with DINA, we strive to serve a wider clientele in Pakistan and the Middle East. Each piece was made using simple, minimalist details, keeping modern silhouettes, making the entire collection wearable, ”said Nida Asver.

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