On a Grand Scale: Advice of the Leading Experts of the Palace De Beauté

In the world of beauty industry comes the era of change. Today, beauty salons go away from stereotypes and offer clients new unique opportunities – one can not spend all day on the procedures for caring for oneself, and with maximum efficiency use time, choosing a service that allows you to simultaneously make manicure, pedicure and hair styling. And also join one of the freshest trends introduced by the Hollywood stars, ordering an individual making a wig or an overhead bang. And to whom, if not the Palace of de Beauté, know this. Revised FWD was lucky enough to visit the presentation, and also try the procedures offered by the salon and talk with the leading experts and founders of the Palace de Beauté – the owner of the salon Natalia Bilyk, the art director Evgeny Sokolov and the dermatologist Marina Baturlinoy – about innovations in the beauty industry and Not only.

Owner and founder of the Palace Palace de Beauté Natalia Bilyk

Palace de Beauté Natalia Bilyk

Natalia, you position yourself as a salon of a new format, realizing the concept of global beauty. Tell us, what are its main components and what is the philosophy of your salon.

Our philosophy is primarily to ensure that the customer is satisfied and received the maximum benefit from visiting the salon. Comfort guest is for us in the first place. For each client an individual care program is chosen, be it cosmetology, aesthetics of the body or a procedure for hair. We always advise on the need for certain procedures. For example, the device OXYjet is shown literally to everyone, it saturates the skin with oxygen – the color improves, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin surface is moistened and looks healthier. However, the doctor always recommends what the client needs at the moment.

What is unique about your salon?

I often travel and in search of a concept for Palace de Beauté visited many different beauty salons in Russia and Italy. For me it was a revelation that in Ukraine the quality of service provision is higher than in Europe. That’s why Yevgeny and I decided, based on the team of top professionals we gathered , to create the quintessence of the best innovative experience of European salons, adding the approach of five-star spa complexes. It is important to note that this is not only an innovative space where our customers can take care of their appearance. Our salon is also a place where guests spend time with friends or business partners over a cup of coffee in the beauty bar.Open space is good, but in the salon there is also a separate spa area, the location of which allows you to completely relax, enjoying relaxation music and procedures. Palace de Beauté provides a very wide range of services. And the express service allows you to simultaneously make a manicure, pedicure and hair styling and, thus, get the maximum effect from the time spent on a visit to us. Every detail, from furniture to brands that we use in our work, is chosen exclusively with a focus on the comfort of the guests. To ensure that our team could provide the highest quality services, it was important to carefully select the equipment. We tried to find a balance between comfort for the client and convenience for the master. The choice of furniture took place in a practical way. I attended exhibitions, talked with various suppliers. All tested for themselves and, if necessary, changed. In the Palace de Beauté team, all specialists are of the highest level. Our masters passed overseas training and have international diplomas from the best European schools: Vidal Sasson, Tony & Guy, Jacques D’essange.

Are you afraid of the number of competitors in the market? Because now in Ukraine there are many popular salons.

Competition keeps us toned, does not allow us to relax. Our team must constantly prove that we are the best, and this helps us to be on the crest of the wave. Therefore, I am positive about the competition. Everything must correspond to the highest standards: beautiful interior, professionalism of craftsmen, convenience, comfort. I constantly follow the market and I can say that there are no analogues of our salon in Ukraine. The ability to combine European quality products and approach to service with the Ukrainian attitude to the client allow us to work in a narrow niche of the most demanding consumers.

What inspires you to create new ideas?

Gratitude of customers. I am constantly in the cabin and personally know almost all our guests. I am very pleased to talk with them, talk about our achievements and acquisitions. For example, one of the latest innovations is the Ultraformer III, which allows you to preserve beauty without the intervention of plastic surgeons for many years.

Art director and co-owner of the salon Evgeny Sokolov

You create fashionable images on shootings for different glossies. With what publications did you manage to work?

I regularly work with the magazine Elegance Netherlands – it’s a Dutch glossy magazine, also with ELLE Serbia, L’Officiel Azerbaijan, Marie Claire Singapore, JFK, BISOUS magazine. These are the main publications. In Europe, online publications are gaining popularity, and we often work for them: madpac.nl, vangarvist.com, etc. 

The last three years you live between Amsterdam and Kiev – this gives an opportunity to orient in the development of European beauty business. Tell me, what is its difference from Ukrainian?

It differs drastically. For example, in almost all cities of old Europe (with the exception of London and Paris), the salon business looks like this: one or two good salons in each city, and the rest – simple hairdressers. As for the services of cosmetology, they can be obtained in separate clinics. This trend has now come from Europe to Ukraine. Therefore, the format of the Palace de Beauté, created in accordance with the concept of global beauty, is rather an exception. There are more small local salons specializing in certain procedures. We have salons of a more global scale.

What are you inspired to create images, to new achievements?

Most of all I’m inspired by women. Communicating with the models on the shooting and with the customers in the cabin, I want to know more about them. Very often, the most unexpected situations occur, dating new interesting people. This also gives inspiration. And, of course, travel, nature, sport, tests, which destiny presents, work is all also sources of creativity.

Name the 5 most striking trends of the makeover SS’18?

The most important trends that go from season to season are individuality and perfect healthy skin. Also continue to be relevant metal textures, gloss, not only on the cheekbones, but also on the eyes and lips. Drawing in make-up allows you to draw a few lines in front of your eyes, and it will be fresh and original. Bright colors are urgent. Stylish and fashionable looks makeup of the century, fully executed by a single shade of shadows.  

What trends in hairstyles can you single out for the SS’18 season?

The first trend is a hairstyle like a suit. It’s about wigs, half-wigs and overhead bodices. Today, these accessories are no longer taboo. A modern wig, created on a thin French mesh or lace, is not at all a “hat with hair.” Specially selected hair is sewn literally one by one, one to one. If earlier people talked about these accessories in a whisper, today – with pride. Especially since the example is filed Celebrities – Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez. Representatives of our stage also use wigs not only for filming and concerts, but also in everyday life. Among them are Tina Karol, Svetlana Loboda, Nastya Kamensky and others. This helps to quickly change the image and do not damage your hair.

The second trend I called “everything about the health of the hair.” Now in a fashion healthy way of life, proper nutrition, visiting dieticians, etc. Therefore, clients increasingly come to make detoxification, regular peeling, cleansing, they want to look after their hair not only at home, but also in the salon. In the Palace de Beauté, the services of “absolute happiness for the hair”, botox for hair and phytodetox rituals are popular.

The third trend is style diversity. He also came to beauty salons from fashion and show business. Customers want to be bright personalities, so we are ready to embody the most unexpected of their ideas and choose an image for each individually, and not make the same hairstyles from Instagram. The fourth trend is the “game of textures”. Today, customers are willing to experiment with a wide variety of textures, styles and wraps. Techniques previously used only on the set are now repeated in the beauty salon. They are in demand among customers who want to be fashionable. One of the main trends in coloring, which appeared last year in the market of hairdressing services, is the AirTouch technique (micromelation). The procedure takes 6-8 hours. In our salon we perform it in four hands, which minimizes the execution time. The effect of jewelry micromelation,

You probably work non stop. What helps you to save time in work?

Of course, delegation of duties, but all, of course, do not delegate. From applications, I use Concept Office to create content in Instagram. I like to eat delicious food, go in for sports, and then help me save time companies engaged in the preparation and delivery of healthy food. So it turns out that the last year in Kiev, I do not spend time visiting the supermarkets, because at 6.30 in the morning the courier brings the ration for the whole day.

Questions for the doctor-dermatocosmetologist Marina Baturlina

You passed internships in Spain, Amsterdam, Geneva and St. Petersburg. Tell us about the peculiarities of the relationship to cosmetology in these countries and how different are they from Ukrainian?

I have great respect for foreign colleagues, for me they are a kind of cosmetic medicine guru. If we are talking about my internship in Spain, I can name the name of Philippe Depreux. He is a plastic surgeon and is the developer of phenol peels, which are used all over the world. Until recently, phenol peels were banned, because they were dangerous and toxic, and it was DePre who became the person who was able to develop a formula for non-toxic phenol. In Amsterdam, I trained with Dr. Jan Van Lohan – a virtuoso in working with a cannula, which for me is an authority. On how he conducts procedures, you can watch an endlessly-bewitching spectacle. In general, foreign specialists are inclined to communicate and openly share their knowledge. In this case, in my opinion,

What kind of inquiries are most often addressed to you by clients?

Correction of facial wrinkles, improvement of skin quality, correction of pigmentation and volumetric modeling of the face (creation of cheekbones, lip correction, etc.). Mesotherapy is popular. Modern preparations and methods of their introduction make it possible to make the procedure as painless as possible, to minimize the phenomenon of rehabilitation, to reduce the number of procedures per course and to obtain a pronounced effect.

Having done mesotherapy once, will it have to be repeated all my life?

We do not stop the aging process, but only slow them down, and this applies to both injections and hardware techniques. When you see the difference between “before” and “after”, you have a desire to support this effect. For this, the procedures are performed at a certain interval. Here the main thing is regularity, but this does not mean that every week throughout your life you will chop something. As a rule, the course of mesotherapy is 4-6 procedures in 10-14 days. Such courses can be 1-2 per year.

What kind of treatment procedures would you advise girls and women at 20, 30, 40 and 50 years old? Are there any age-related contraindications in the application of some procedures?

Of course have. When women of elegant age 40+ come, it is necessary to take into account those hormonal changes that occur in their body during this period. Approach to the use of certain products should be delicate, individual. For this you need to consult with doctors of related specialties. I really like that recently the level of aesthetic medicine has really grown and we solve the problem of aging not in isolation, but together with obstetrician-gynecologists, endocrinologists. We conduct our clients, taking into account different aspects. As for the mesotherapy mentioned above, I can appoint her both to the girl at 25 and to the woman at 50, but at the same time there will be completely different preparations with different intervals between the procedures.  

How to care for the skin at home? What would you suggest?

The guarantee of healthy skin is its regular cleansing. No matter how tired we are, regardless of whether we use make-up or not, we need to clean the skin and use cosmetics in accordance with the type of skin. Further care should be selected depending on the age and condition of the skin.

Almost every day the beauty industry offers a lot of innovations. What have you been struck or interested in recently?

Now everyone is honing the existing skills and knowledge, improving them and bringing them to perfection. Probably, the latter can be distinguished by ultrasound focused SMAS-lifting, which is a competition of plastic surgery. Without a scalpel, we provide a good pronounced lifting effect.

How will cosmetology develop over the next 10 years?

I like that today there is a trend towards natural beauty. Now there is a tendency of complex rejuvenation of the body: healthy eating, playing sports and caring for the face and body. It seems to me that in the future the segment of plastic surgery will be reduced. Nonsurgical methods of rejuvenation will become more intensive. Aging is necessary and can be elegant and beautiful.

The material was worked on: Ekaterina Popova – interview with Natalia Bilyk and Yevgeny Sokolov, Ivanna Petrovich – interview with Marina Baturlina.

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