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Representatives of Snapchat, Pinterest and the startup competition at the upcoming Fashion Tech Summit 2019

Fashion Tech Summit 2019

Fashion Tech Summit 2019 
 is a new format of the educational event, which is designed to create a platform for interaction between fashion and tech industries. The best speakers and representatives of world companies will present successful cases in Kiev, not only to form a new business community but also to search for new ways to develop fashion and tech in Ukraine. Within the framework of the Fashion Tech Summit, the competition of the best start-ups will be held for the first time, which unite creative ideas and technologies.

Why Fashion Tech Summit 2019?

13 seasons of fashion week (the first in Eastern Europe of the International Fashion Week)

5 years in education: the work of the educational platform Kiev Fashion Institute

10 educational international conferences in Kiev

1 –  superiority in world markets: we are the first who brought Ukrainian designers to the world markets (Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo)

What is it this time?

3 scenes: expert scene, open startup scene, open success stories – scene

50 speakers

2000 participants of the forum who will be at the source of the new business community

The founders of the project –  Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova

“After spending the last year in the Silicon Valley, I understand that the future of the fashion industry is solely in its technological progress and the ability to take advantage of all the new technologies that appear with incredible speed. Our goal with the Fashion Tech Summit is to give maximum knowledge to our customers from true industry experts who will fly from Europe and the Silicon Valley to share their invaluable experience. I’m really looking forward to this event, because for me the Fashion Tech Summit is to some extent the quintessence of the knowledge that I received in the last year, and I can not wait to share it, “says Daria Shapovalova.

Fashion Tech Summit is a series of educational events that started with the Fashion Tech Summit on June 20, 2019, in Paris, where the representatives of the leaders of the fashion market made their presentations: Business of Fashion, Browns, Panoply, Launchmetrics, International Fashion Academy, and others. The next event will take place in Kiev on September 1 and 2, and representatives of Snapchat, Pinterest, 500 Startups, McKinsey & Company, Stanford University, IDEO and many other companies will join the forum.

The summit will also feature the best Ukrainian companies and present their successful cases. Among them – Banda Agency, Petcube, Concepter, and others. The event will provide a platform for communication with top Ukrainian bloggers and digital-influenza: Diana Gloucester, Alina Friendly, Masha Timoshenko, Maria Grebenyuk, Daria Maystrenko, Svyatoslav Boiko, Alexander Litvin, Sasha Zayats will take part in the program of the summit.

“Over the past four years, the fashion industry has changed dramatically. Of course, the old wholesale- and retail-schemes continue to work, but mostly for large players. For new players, there are other rules that shape the new image of the industry. That’s why we are holding the Fashion Tech Summit: to push the boundaries of the perception of the fashion industry and to present other opportunities and innovative business models based on the example of foreign companies and the best Ukrainian cases. And I am sure that the startup competition within the framework of the Fashion Tech Summit will help us accelerate the process of forming the environment for new creative entrepreneurs, “said Natalia Modenova.

During the summit, a startup competition will be held, which is intended to become a platform for the development of entrepreneurship and the development of innovations in the sphere of crossing not only the fashion and tech industries but also a wide range of creative spheres, in particular, clothing retail. Within the framework of the event, Fashion Tech Summit announces a tender for the definition of a promising project, which will receive professional mentoring and a cash prize for project development. The head of the jury will be the venture partner 500 Startups from San Francisco –  Tanya Soman. The project will also identify three projects that will receive a mentoring session from the Fashion Tech Summit speakers.

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