Salman Khan annoyed with Ranbir Kapoor due to Katrina Kaif?

Bollywood whiz Salman Khan’s dear kinship with Katrina Kais no concealed mystery. The two who were dating each other for a noteworthy time severed their relationship just for the beguiling on-screen character to date heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor after a brief time.

In any case, Ranbir and Katrina additionally gone separate ways in 2016 in the wake of closure their seven-year relationship. Be that as it may, bits of gossip had it that Salman was purportedly angry with Ranbir due to Katrina.

While Ranbir and Katrina have proceeded onward in their lives, with the pair as of late embracing it out at the Filmfare grant service, theories are overflowing that Salman isn’t prepared to look past the unpleasant recollections of the past.

eanwhile, Salman is prepared to work with Ranbir’s present sweetheart Alia Bhatt in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Inshaallah, the whiz entertainer isn’t yet prepared to wipe the slate clean with Ranbir.

A source told an every day, “That isn’t going on at any point in the near future.”

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